Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Weekend: Cookies and Cream Layered Cake

My wife, Ashlynn, and I are in Mississippi this week visiting family and getting ready for my Uncle's wedding. I'm not a big fan of weddings, but I am a big fan of the reception... because I get to eat! You can bet, where there's a wedding, there's great food!

For the rehearsal dinner, I decided to make a Cookies and Cream Layer Cake. I'm not sure if you know this, but I love sugar, bread, and butter. I love cooking all three. I got my inspiration from Ina Garten who made a similar cake on the Food Network, but as always, I winged it just to see what happens. I'm guilty of that. I'll see something that looks good, and never look up the recipe. I just make it the way I think it should be. Oh well.

I'm not very good with elegant. What can I say? I'm a dude... and on top of that, I'm southern. But, I thought this would be a fairly simple way for anyone to take whipped cream and oreo's into an elegant dessert. My buddy, the KitchenAid (we should give him a name) whipped some heavy cream into stiff whipped cream, and got busy.

Start by lining the bottom of your cake pan with oreo's. You know, when you start your recipe with lining your pan with oreo's, it's going to be good!

Then, add a layer of whipped cream on top, and repeat... It's that simple. Keep layering until you reach the top of the cake pan, with a final layer of whipped cream. I would've added more crumbled oreo's on top, but honestly... I ran out. So, I recommend two bags of oreo's for future reference. Cover in saran wrap and refrigerate overnight.

And here's the finished product! I hope you like it!


3 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
1 1/4 Cup Granulated Sugar
2 Bags Oreo's

In a bowl (or your KitchenAid Mixer), combine the heavy cream and sugar, and beat on high until whipped cream forms into stiff peaks. Next layer the bottom of your cheesecake pan with Oreo's, and then add a layer of whipped cream. Repeat until you cover the top of the cake. Refrigerate overnight, and you're done! Release the sides of the cheesecake, and let your mouth water. Embrace it.

Oh wait...

My wife and I also made a Seven Layer Salad as well. I'm not sure if it really has seven layers, but it turned out nice!!

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