Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Silver Skillet, Atlanta, GA

Looking for the all-american diner experience?? Look no further than The Silver Skillet in Atlanta, GA.

It's no secret my wife and I love eating out, and especially trying new places. We saw this place on Food Network, and now... every time we visit Atlanta (or the surrounding area), we ALWAYS stop in at the Silver Skillet!

When you go, start out with a fresh-brewed cup of coffee. This coffee reminds me of my grandmother's coffee. PERFECT. Brewed not too strong, but not too weak. It's smooth, and satisfying, and definitely gives you that boost if you're on your way to IKEA to grab a few "essential" items...

I digress...

Silver Skillet truly does have that hometown feel, even in Atlanta. When you walk in, you're greeted and told to sit wherever you'd like, and a waitress quickly comes over to welcome you and offer you coffee.

TIP FOR RESTAURANT OWNERS: Make sure your clientele ALWAYS, under every circumstance feel welcomed and loved. Trust me on this!

We ate the French Toast... with eggs, and sausage (Not pictured).

The French Toast was the best I've ever had. Rich, and flavorful at it's best.

I do have some advice though for your first visit...

Whatever you do... TRY. THE. BISCUITS. Completely from scratch, melt in your mouth, this what heaven must be like good!

Guys... GO! Drive, take a plane... walk. It's worth it.

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