Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's Be Real.

I know... I know...

It's been since October 26, 2012 since we've had even a remotely "real" post. You're right.

Please note: We are sorry. Very. Extremely. Over-apologetic. Whew... now that we've got that off our chests, let's move on.

I wish I could give you every detail about the past four months right now. I won't do that. Trust me. It's not that interesting, and way too long to discuss. It did snow last weekend though... on the way to our class... on Saturday. Something just seemed wrong about that, but nonetheless, it turned out to be a great day, and the snow had melted by noon in time for lunch.

Here's the deal... We live in one city. We attend graduate school in another city three hours away. And... we have family in another state eight hours away. So, just picture us going back and forth between these three places continuously for the past four months. There ya go. That's what happened.

Today's itinerary involves an amazing brunch at a local restaurant, a meeting, and a three hour drive back home. Our lives are probably the most chaotic they've ever been, but honestly... I love it. I think it's really important to enjoy the phase of life you're in, instead of wishing it away for the next.

As we sit here in our hotel room, we have big plans for the blog. A kitchen table re-do, Garlic Pull-Apart Bread... just to name a couple.

Please forgive us for lack of posts. Life is simply chaotic, and because of this, the blog has suffered a little. But do know, we love the blog, and we love the opportunity to share our lives with you.

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