Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cades Cove... by Foot.

For anyone that follows our blog, you know that we love the Smoky Mountains. Especially in Spring. Things are FINALLY beginning to bloom, and Winter seems to be drifting away. I've been to Cades Cove (by car) more times than I can count, but I've never actually hiked it on foot, until now.

I suggest to anyone that is able, hike Cades Cove! I noticed things and saw things I never have seen before. It was a completely different perspective! On Wednesday mornings during the summer months, they close the scenic loop to vehicles and only allow hikers and bikers in.

We needed nourishment. So first thing, we headed to Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (my favorite place to get pancakes on the face of the Earth), and fueled up for our hike.

Nourishment for me was waffles covered in butter. LOOK AT THAT BUTTER. It was whipped, and took up more room... right? That's my excuse. Ashlynn has the more practical meal (not pictured)... Pancakes, eggs, and sausage.

When we first got to Cades Cove, it was a cool 36 degrees outside... and by cool, we mean COLD!

...but we were ready!

We saw a TON of deer grazing. Unfortunately, no bears. I love Cades Cove because the animals aren't afraid of humans. Not that I go right up to them, but you can tell they don't seem bothered by you at all. They know they're not in any danger.

The first obstacle we came across was crossing a flooded creek on the main loop. We ran right through it, and kept going... but it was cold!

Cades Cove is filled with old cabins, and churches. This is one of many, but if you're a history buff, you'll love it!

One of the great things about hiking it on foot was really getting to see all the different aspects of the cove.

We made it! We were very proud of ourselves. This was the longest hike we've ever completed, next to the Central Park loop which was nearly half of this.

We wrapped up our hike with a picnic compliments of Subway. Like I said, we had a great time, and highly recommend it to anyone wanting a scenic hike!

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