Thursday, March 21, 2013

Biggest Loser Run/Walk

How's it going guys? We have an announcement to make! Ashlynn and I will be running in the Biggest Loser Run/Walk in Jackson, Mississippi on April 6! A lot of our readers probably don't know this, but Jackson is our old stomping ground. Ashlynn and I both grew up around Jackson, and we're excited to be going back for the Biggest Loser Run/Walk! We chose the 5k race instead of the half-marathon. Let's be real. We have two weeks to really train and prepare, and although I have no trouble walking 13.1 miles, I'm not sure we could handle running it!

Ashlynn actually just found out about the race last night, and asked for me to do it with her. We're extremely excited about it, and can't wait! We'd like to thank everyone for their support. It'll be really interesting down their in the Mississippi humidity. Anyone who runs knows exactly what I mean!

Anyone who is interested can go here to find out more information and see other cities they are having races as well. It is a run/walk, so I would encourage anyone that wants to get in shape or simply wants to be more active to join us. It's so easy to be discouraged and intimidated, but don't let that deter you from doing this. It'll be a great experience that, I believe, will leave a lasting impression on you.

Here is a map of the 5k portion of the race. Also, if you'd like a training schedule to learn how to build up to running a 5k, here is what Ashlynn and I have used in the past. It's an eight week program, but it's for people that never run, which was Ashlynn and I a couple of years ago. It's tough, but totally doable.

Thank you guys for your support!

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