Sunday, March 11, 2012

New York City!

If you've been following our blog, you know that we had a Spring Break trip this past week to New York. Yesterday, on our flight home, we were talking about how this was our last Spring Break as undergrads. It's crazy to believe... School has really flown by.

I also said I had planned on posting periodically while in New York... well, that didn't work out. The only way I had access to (FREE) WiFi was at a Starbucks, so I just decided to do one mass post!

We had a great time in New York. We stayed in the heart of midtown Manhattan at the Roosevelt Hotel, and were in walking distance to almost everything! And believe me... we walked nearly every inch of midtown before the week was over with! You name it, we probably did it. Times Square, Central Park, Broadway, Staten Island Ferry, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Rockefeller Plaza, Fifth Ave shopping, and Grand Central Station. We walked downtown, uptown, midtown, to the upper east side, over to the upper west side, and back down. We really were able to see the different neighborhoods, and see what New York is like outside of the tourist areas... and we loved it!

Our first evening in New York, we went to a small italian eatery called Trattoria Dopo Teatro (which means Cafe after Theatre in English...I think?).

Ashlynn had the Spaghetti, and I had the Fettucine alla Carbanara, which was fettucine in a thick, creamy hollandaise sauce, covered with bacon. This was by far my favorite meal in New York. This picture above was taken over half way through, when I realized I better take a picture before it's all gone.

After we walked back to the hotel, we stopped by our hotel lounge for milk and cookies. Yes, we're kids at heart.

The next day, we hit the ground running, starting off at Grand Central Terminal, which was right next door to our hotel. It was amazing, and crazy busy!

And obviously, we had to stop by the Apple Store in Grand Central that opened not too long ago. Yes... it was everything I hoped it would be!

Next, we headed to the Empire State Building. The views were amazing, and this was Ashlynn's first time to experience it!

After that, we went over to Macy's, and H&M (Ashlynn's new favorite store), and then walked up Broadway to Times Square.

The next day, we jumped on the Subway, and headed to the Union Square Farmer's Market. It was a lot of fun. We're nerds... but we love going to Farmer's Markets! On a side note, I'd like to take a minute, and thank Google Maps. Without it, we'd probably have ended up in Pennsylvania somewhere on the Subway, but Google told me what train to take, when to take it, and what time we'd arrive.

After the Farmer's Market, we walked across the street to the "three story" Whole Foods and had breakfast.

Then, we went to Chelsea Market, home of Food Network. It was a lot of fun. They had tons of eateries, bakeries, and cooking stores.

Next, we rode the Staten Island Ferry. This is a really fun, and FREE thing to do in New York, if you ever get the chance. The views are awesome!

The next day, we walked up Fifth Avenue towards Central Park, and of course, we stopped by the Apple Store on 5th. I love Apple.

Next, we headed up to Central Park, and walked the entire loop of the park. For those of you who don't know, Central Park goes from 59th Street to 110th Street in-between the upper east and west side. The loop itself is 6.1 miles, and it was awesome getting to see the majority of the park. Last time I was in New York, we only got to see a fraction of it. The weather was perfect also. It was 70* that day. We both really enjoyed it, and got a great workout at the same time.

That night, we saw Mary Poppins on Broadway. I'm always amazed at Broadway shows because they're nothing like I think they're going to be. I'm always shocked at how much I enjoy them. This is the only picture we could take, because photography was prohibited.

Another one of our favorite places was the Red Flame Diner.

It was a really cool place! We ate here a few times actually, but after the broadway show, we stopped here for a late night snack.

This is a Chocolate Mousse Cake... and it was amazing. It was sweet, but not over-powering. And of course, we topped it off with a glass of cold milk. I have a firm belief that on vacation, you should indulge at least some!

...and what's a trip to New York without New York Pizza! This is at John's Pizzeria. It was another one of my favorite meals!

New York was a blast! We've already started planning our next trip. One of my favorite things about eating in New York is that they put the calories next to everything on the menu, so you know exactly what you're eating! It takes out the guessing game! We never had to worry about wondering how many calories were in what we were eating, because it was all right there in front of you!

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